Summer Service municipality – Loppi

The Loppi municipality was established in 1632 in the southern Tavastia Proper region. The municipality has 8,378 inhabitants, and in the summer many more, thanks to the 3,300 summer cottages. Loppi is historically known as Finland’s potato municipality. Currently the municipality’s main source of livelihood is the service sector and processing work.

Summer Service Site -  The Räyskälä airport

The Räyskälä small plane airport is the most active hobby flight airport in the Nordic countries. The airport center also hosts larger events. The world championship in gliding, other larger air and motor sports events have been arranged here.

Service guest – please help preserve our nature!

The Räyskälä airport is situated on an important groundwater area. For this reason waste water shall be collected into containers and disposed into designated spots near the toilets. No other harmful liquids or toxic substance are to be discharged or left at the site.

The area also has some rare and valuable plants, insects and organisms. The most sensitive areas are fenced off from pedestrian traffic. In all cases, please respect the nature to avoid unnecessary  wear and tear of the natural surroundings. 

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