Thursday 28.6.

Klo Ohjelma Virsi
12.00 Singing: Hymns and Songs of Zion
13.00 Services 180
  Kari Pietarinen, Pornainen
  Juhani Korkatti, Askola
15.30 Services 389
  Juha Lauriala, Lohja
  Kalevi Heinänen, Tornio
18.00 Services 409
  Jaakko Myllykangas, Nastola
  Hannu Ahopelto, Toivakka
20.00 Singing: Hymns and Songs of Zion
20.30 Services 314
  Eino Pigg, Hattula
  Tapani Kopsa, Kärsämäki
22.00 Singing: Hymns and Songs of Zion

Prayers of Intercession

Summer service guests are offered the possibility to ask for a prayer of intercession for themselves or their loved ones. These requests may be submitted at a booth near the sacristy. The prayers of intercession will be read daily during pre-designated sermons.

After each sermon it is possible to have a personal discussion with the speaker. Interpretation service can be arranged through the International Visitor Service.

Safety in the Service tent

Wheelchairs and baby carriages are to be placed at either end where there are wide aisles in the tent.  All other exit routes must be left unobstructed and free for passage in case of emergency evacuation.

Safety Instructions

Please observe the following for securing the safety of yourself and others:

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