Safety Instructions  

In case of accident

The summer service site is quite prone to ground fire due to flammable dry forest vegetation.

Arriving at the service site

  1. Park your car or RV according to the traffic director’s instructions.
  2. Keep your RV’s gas bottle compartment unlocked and make sure the stabilizer leg crank is visible.
  3. Note the location of the nearest public fire extinguisher and familiarize yourself with how it works.
  4. Place the receipt of the paid Service site lodging fee  clearly visible on the dash under the windshield of your car or RV.  The same applies to other vehicles on your site. If you are lodging on  the service site and have not made prepayment for lodging, you must do  it as soon as possible at any of the three service site lodging fee  booths
  5. Make sure that the people staying in your RV know where the fire extinguisher is and know how to use it.

Instructions in case of accident

In situations where there is not imminent danger, instructions can be received from the Security office 040 535 0715. Security personnel will ensure order and safety, help in event of accidents and call for additional help if needed. In case of emergency every person is responsibile to help.

In the case of oil leaking onto the ground, contact the Security Office immediately at 040 5350715.

The following are absolutely forbidden on the service site:


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