Summer Services on the radio

Summer services can be followed on the service radio, on different radio stations around Finland and at The website is updated throughout the services with sermons, newscasts, photos and pre-recorded broadcasts. The website will post the latest information, photos, and services offered at the site and in the surrounding area. The sermons will be archived and available for listening after the services too. The internet radio broadcast can also be listened using an external audio player from address

Summer Services radio broadcasts

Nearly all sermons at the summer services are translated into seven languages. The sermons are available in real time or right afterwards in Finnish and in English, Swedish, Russian, Estonian, German, French and Spanish.
Simultaneous sermon interpretations in respective languages are available at the service site and its vicinity on predesignated frequencies, which can be obtained from the service schedule.

Radio broadcast in Finnish in the Loppi area and on the service site can be obtained at 102.3 MHz. Simultaneous sermon interpretations in respective languages are available in Loppi and Räyskälä on following frequencies MHz:

(English) 88.5, (Swedish) 92.9, (Russian, German, Spanish) 95.2, (Estonian, French) 100.9, (Finnish) 102.3 


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